Cocktails x Conversations at MoxxieMade

One of the things I love about NYC is that there are always cool events going on around the city. Seriously, Eventbrite is your friend. That was just how I found this Cocktails x Conversations event by MoxxieMade. They really did something special last night by bringing together these heavy hitters for quite an excellent panel:

Jenny Jin – MoxxieMade Mentor and PureWow’s Senior Beauty Editor

Amanda E. Johnson – Co-Founder of Mented Cosmetics

Liah Yoo – Founder of KraveBeauty

Stephanie Flor – Makeup Artist and Founder of Around The World Beauty

Plus we got free Romana wine, so who could complain about that?

Each of these women had such a real, genuine mission.

First of all, Jenny was such a good moderator! She asked all the right questions, from favorite foods to motivations and goals.

Stephanie spoke about being a makeup artist while realizing that beauty was so much more than surface level. Plus I absolutely loved her earrings. Someone DM/email me if you know where they are from. 😉 My favorite part was when she spoke about everybody having that ‘dream week’ – a week where you get to do what you have always wanted. For her that included traveling the world and doing makeup for a client in a private jet. She is such an honest from-the-heart person that hearing her perspective was refreshing! I would have to think about what my ‘dream week’ would be, hmmmm.

Liah was equally awesome, speaking about her social media following and being ‘real’ with skincare. I loved how she was honest about many beauty brands just not having your best interests at heart and that skin problems happen to everyone. As someone with oily skin, I really loved her reinforcement that the same products just don’t work for everybody. I tend to rotate out face washes and use what works best for me at the time, but more on that in a later post…

Amanda was such a bubbly superstar. As a former Goldman Sachs employee, her story really resonated with me as I too currently find myself in the world of finance. I actually met another girl in the audience that night who is a fellow ‘finance bro by day’ as she writes on her insta, @ada1127_nyc. I feel like a lot of us just need a creative outlet and when we or some willpower behind those goals, wonderful things happen. But back to Amanda, who talked about how she is completely changing the beauty game for melanin girls everywhere. She spoke about growing up in North Carolina (I personally fled South Carolina so I know the struggle all too well lol) and being part of the Charlotte ballet as the only black snowflake in the Nutcracker. Even though I wouldn’t ever know that exact feeling, she was so relatable in the way she told her story. I can understand why she made Mented and why it’s such an amazing idea. She’s really filling this huge gap in the market.

All of the speakers really just said what needed to be said really – go after your dream. Hustle. Make it happen. And maybe one day, you can join them.